Embedding High Fidelity Call Into Your Web and Improve Your CX

Embedding High Fidelity Call Into Your Web and Improve Your CX

Aanya Khanna

Embedding High Fidelity Call Into Your Web and Improve Your CX

What is a high-fidelity call? Let’s see how the journey of telecommunication has been till now.

The telephone was invented a long time ago and even though it went from analog to digital, fundamentals haven’t changed much. Phone networks lack dynamic routing, bandwidth, and modern internet technologies.

But there is no substitute for a phone call when it comes to the impact and the speed of phone interaction. Conversations filled with human energy are powerful enough to move mountains. During a voice call, even silence can say more than the written words. We communicate better when we talk synchronously.

The idea of real-time audio calls over the internet is not new. Most of us use it for personal communication with apps like FaceTime. But contact centers have not been able to take advantage of this game-changing technology due to legacy systems. And they still rely on traditional phone networks for business communication.

Samespace Contact Center solution is Internet native, hence it has all the modern tools right out of the box including Web HiFi — The high fidelity web call.

Here is how Samespace Web HiFi call can benefit your business and customers.

Crystal Clear Audio Fidelity Call

Standard phone calls work on narrowband frequencies which limit the quality of speech, “Can you hear me?” we all know how that sounds.

In contrast to the traditional phone call, Web HiFi uses a highly efficient wideband audio codec that produces richer and natural sound. The codec is also optimized for transmission over the Internet, it can smartly handle unstable internet connections without compromising the call quality.

Built-in Authentication

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Asking your customers their date of birth and social security number is not only frustrating but at times embarrassing. Your customers expect you to be smart and not repeat the same questions every time they need help. But Phone numbers can be spoofed easily and Caller IDs can not be trusted hence security questions are essential to identify callers.

Now Imagine a call has the same authentication and security that we use for the web. Web HiFi call is built on the same infrastructure. Every Web High-Fidelity call will carry caller information even before your agent answers the call. No more date of birth questions, only birthday wishes. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Important Calls are in the Fast Lane

One of the most frustrating and demotivating factors in making phone calls is jumping into the IVR abyss. Most companies advertise a single number but they rarely realize how difficult they make it for their customers to steer to the right agent. Web HiFi eradicates IVR from the chain and puts callers on the expressway by identifying their intent and origin. Just by eliminating IVR, you can elevate your CSAT.

And the fun part—Web HiFi is free for everyone, from anywhere.

Phone calls are still expensive in many parts of the world, for example in the Philippines it costs 65 US cents per minute to make a local call. Yes, that's USD 0.65/min. Web HiFi breaks such monopolies and provides a superior experience at absolutely no cost.