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AI Powered Contact Center Platform Centered on Experience

Built on cutting-edge Internet technologies and design thinking principles, samespace elates customer experience, increases productivity and provides great business insights.

Drag. Drop. Done.

Create and integrate dynamic voice, chat, email and conversational AI flows by simply drag and drop functions, no coding needed. Managing an omnichannel contact center has never been so smooth.

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Intelligently route customers & prospects to your agents with our intuitive drag & drop IVR Studio.

Your favorite CRM and business conversations— all in one place.

Seamlessly integrate into any CRM to make your contact center agile and adaptable, expertly enhancing your customer experience.

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"Constant innovation and crm integration has been a game-changing experience for us to serve our most valuable customers."

deepak bisht

Deepak Bisht

Head of IT

Deep Analytics.
Deep Learning.

Turn every action into a data-driven decision with real-time performance dashboards, business intelligence, and AI driven sentiment analysis.

Transform your contact center
with Samespace.