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AI-Powered Sales Acceleration & Customer Engagement Platform.

Boost your Sales and Customer Engagement performance by 60%.


Sales Acceleration

Close more deals for less.

Imagine every single sales call made by your top performer. Samespace AI can be that top performer.

It will make the call, pitch, and engage—just like your best salesperson, or even better. For instance, think of your next sales campaign. Run, qualified and intelligently nurtured, all by samespace AI
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Customer Engagement

Using powerful natural language understanding, samespace AI automates 60% of the workload by turning routine and non-value add interactions into great customer experiences... all without any human intervention. And when needed, Samespace AI will intelligently hand-off to a live agent for complex scenarios.

This translates into huge savings, instantaneous response, unlimited capacity, 24/7/365 availability… and reduced agent turnover.
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skill based

Benchmarking the benchmarks.

Powerful analytics connect together an almost infinite number of data sources with abnormal efficiency. You can see the big picture of your entire operation at a glance.

Featured Customers

Some of the most trusted brands run on samespace.