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A delight for Sales and Helpdesk Teams.

When your teams answer customer calls and chats, or generate sales leads and do follow-ups, samespace does the magic.

The bigger picture—As it happens.

When you want to know how your teams are doing right now, or what they did in the entire month, when you want to see how customers are feeling, when you want to understand what actions are needed, samespace insight has everything for you—In one place.

Perfect match. Every time.

Samespace always finds the right person for faster resolution to a customer problem, a product expert to close the deal. Our intelligent routing increases productivity and makes your customers happy.
skill based

Instantly convert leads into sales.

As soon as someone shows interest in your products and services on your website, Samespace smartly finds an expert and initiates a call, increasing conversion.

On the move? No problem.

Samespace has a powerful mobile app enabling your teams to stay connected on the go. Never miss an opportunity to close a deal or serve customers when they need you.

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Webcall—Chat’s new buddy.

It’s no secret that conversation over the phone is faster, personalized and more impactful than chat, that’s why samespace has free Webcall, giving visitors a choice to call you by just clicking a button from your website.

Lean. Effortless.

It only takes seconds to add new users, teams and setup call and chat routing. Samespace is simple and super intuitive.