AI is our core.

Virtual agents to live assist, routing to analytics, speech recognition to synthesis. Samespace leverages custom AI at every level.

AI is our core

Open platform, 90% faster deployment

We deploy up to 90% faster than Contact Center competitors and integrate easily with CRMs including Salesforce. And our core open APIs allow you to meet your specific communication needs.

Open Platform

We're seamless across all channels.

No more fragmented interactions with customers or prospects. Samespace is seamless across voice, text, chat, email, and social.

Omnichannel Platform

Deploy in the cloud or behind your firewall.

Cloud or on-premises, you get the freedom to choose where you keep your data. We accommodate your need for compliance, data sovereignty, and customer mandates.

Deploy samespace on cloud or on-premise

We have deep roots.

AI-powered Contact Center companies are sprouting up everywhere. We’re one of the few that’s cash flow positive, has deep industry expertise, and is passionate about continuous innovation, not raising the next round of capital.

15+ years
in global communications
10+ billion
conversations connected
We needed a chatbot that was capable of booking appointments and was easy to use & implement. Samespace delivered a fully working bot built to our requirements in less than a week. We are also able to manage the Bot, so it's easy when we need to make changes.
James Russell
James Russell
Founder, TradieVA