Innovation with
Design at Its Core

At Samespace, blending design with technology is at the very heart of what we do. Our relentless pursuit of excellence brings the finest aspects of design and user experience with the leading edge of technological progress. We are the first users of our products, which are developed with a bold vision to exceed current standards. We're constantly pushing ourselves to redefine what perfection means.

Tribe’s intuitive user interface is displayed on both desktop and mobile screens, highlighting a sleek design with clear, user-friendly navigation. The conversation and call management features are laid out in an easily understandable manner, showcasing the commitment to fusing high design with advanced technology.

Full-Stack Excellence

Our comprehensive approach guarantees unparalleled quality by ensuring complete control over our products, thus minimizing our dependence on public cloud services. , our custom-designed AI stack, is the foundation of every product, reflecting our commitment to pioneering innovation and exceptional performance.

Diagram illustrating how Origon AI forms the foundation of Samespace's four main products: Circle, Tribe, Pulse, and Wave, each with a unique function and design but unified by the underlying AI technology.

Global Private Cloud

We operate self-managed Datacenters equipped with our own GPU clusters and a global anycast network, guaranteeing minimal latency for our users. This strategy enhances the accessibility of our products, directly benefiting our customers. It highlights our commitment to efficiency, performance, and delivering outstanding value.

Global map displaying the distribution of Samespace's data centers, represented by bright orange circles against a dark background, symbolizing the company's international infrastructure footprint.

Simple Pricing

Unlike most companies, our products are priced to deliver unmatched value—so compelling that the idea of binding agreements becomes obsolete. No annual plans, just the freedom to experience the best, on your terms.


Funded by Customers

Our independence is fundamental to who we are, and we’re proud of it. This autonomy allows us to move forward, driven by our unique vision and values. Choosing not to rely on venture capital, we maintain our course free from outside influences. Our dedication is to provide unmatched value and quality, recognizing our customers as the true supporters of our mission.