AI in the Human Loop

Experience the Transformative Power of Contact Center AI That Blends with Live Agents to Deliver Exceptional Productivity, Efficiency, and Satisfaction.

Illustration of an omnichannel contact center platform, with a vibrant central node representing Origon AI, and radial links to different service modules including voice calls, messaging, case management, and a knowledge database.

Empower Predictive Outcomes

Make Every Interaction Smarter and Every Decision Sharper with AI-Driven Analysis.

Wave's AI-driven conversation interface, showing a detailed analytics breakdown of a customer support call, where the left portion highlights the conversation transcript and the right portion summarizes the outcome, sentiment, and key moments.

Outreach Symphony

Integrated Automation Across Every Channel to Drive Productivity and Success.

A sales engagement playbook on Wave's platform, displaying a sequential flowchart with an initial outreach email and a follow-up call, including success metrics for calls connected and calls failed.

Live Monitoring and Coaching

Real-Time Interface Presents Critical Metrics for Enhancing
Performance, SLAs, and Coaching Agents to Improve Productivity.

A detailed view of Wave's real-time monitoring system showing individual agents' performance statistics, including session duration, call and chat volumes, sentiment ratings, with options for live listening and coaching during customer interactions.

Tailored Insights

Customize Dashboards and Reports on the Fly.
Your Data Is Always Aligned with Your Evolving Needs.

Interactive insights dashboard featuring a summary of total conversations, a line graph contrasting answered versus abandoned calls, a pie chart showing competitor mentions percentages, and a sentiment analysis bar chart with positive, neutral, and negative feedback.

Exceptional Agent Performance

Agent App is crafted to maximize productivity while delivering a seamless experience. Its compact design packs full power for handling calls and chats effortlessly.

Ready to Connect Apps

Popular CRMs Are Just a Click Away, and You Can
Integrate with Any App Using Our Simple APIs.



Service Now








High-Fidelity WebCall

Built-In WebCalls Offer Superior Audio, Secure Authentication, and the
Capability to Switch Between Calls and Chats Instantly, All at No Cost to Callers.

Dark-themed customer service web call screen showing a portrait of a representative named Caroline from Wave, along with call management buttons and a live call timer.


AI Super Agents

Speech Analytics

AI Assist

Intelligent Call Routing

CSAT Surveys

Custom Dashboards

Built-In Contacts

Event Scheduler


Serverless Functions

Built-in Calling Service

Unparalleled Speed and Reliability

Our Self-Managed Global Data Centers, Equipped with Advanced GPU Clusters, Deliver Ultra-Low Latency. Multi-Region Deployment Ensures Instant Recovery and Continuity.

Global map displaying the distribution of Samespace's data centers, represented by bright blue circles against a dark background, symbolizing the company's international infrastructure footprint.