Recruiting Meets AI

Outline the Role and See the Magic Unfold. AI Crafts a Job Description,
Tailors Screening Questions, and Posts to Job Boards—Effortlessly.

Circle recruitment platform interface displaying various open positions with applicant statistics and an integrated calendar feature highlighting upcoming interviews for positions such as 'iOS Engineer'.

Zoom Into Top Talent

AI Screens and Ranks Applicants, Enabling You to Engage Only the Best.

Interface showing a detailed view of an 'iOS Engineer' applicant named Emma Wadekind in Circle's screening system, with a list of other candidates, their screening percentages, and action buttons like 'shortlist' and 'reject'. A section for Emma displays her score in key metrics and a summary of her qualifications.

Dynamic Interviews

Experience the Future of Interviewing—AI Elevates the Conversation with
Real-Time Interview Analysis and Feedback.

Circle's AI-powered interview platform screen showing a live interview between a candidate named Emma and an interviewer, with real-time analysis tools providing a 90% score on Emma's performance and suggesting interview topics.

Solving The Final Puzzle

Our Dives Deeper into Every Piece of Data—Resumes, Interviews, and Conversations—to Recommend the Perfect Match and Their Potential to Thrive.

Circle’s interactive AI chat interface recommending Kia Drasner as the top candidate for the iOS Engineer role, with a conversation bubble highlighting her strengths, alongside her profile with a 90% overall score and high confidence and communication ratings.

One-Click Convenience

Provide Flexible Interview Schedules to Applicants, Letting Them Meet You at the
Time That Suits You.

Applicant's view of Circle's interview scheduler featuring a message to Emma about her upcoming interview, images of her interviewers, and an interactive calendar where she can select from available times, with the 1:00 PM slot on Thursday emphasized.

All Interactions—One Inbox

Streamline the Hiring Process by Placing Candidate Activities and Messages in
a Singular, Unified Thread.

Unified candidate thread for Caroline Smith in Circle's hiring platform, detailing her high application score, communication with hiring team members, and her progress through the hiring stages, with functionality to send further messages and add notes.

Transform Your Careers Page

Circle Empowers You to Effortlessly and Instantly Craft a Space That
Not Only Attracts but Also Captivates Talent.

Circle’s career page editor with a ‘Join the Team’ headline over an image of a bustling office. The editor features AI copy rephrasing tools and styling options for brand colors and typography on the right.

Seamless Job Board Integration

Your Hiring Flow Stays Intact with Just a Click.