Cookie Policy

We (Samespace Inc., Samspace India Pvt Ltd. (together, “Samespace”)) use certain cookies and related technologies to provide our website (“Site”) users a smooth visiting experience but also for our own research and learning purposes.

This Cookie Policy should be read hand-in-hand with our Privacy Policy, as a general and valid concern about cookies is that they do track, store, and share user behavior. We only use cookies as described here and in our Privacy Policy.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a way that websites recognize your browser. Websites do this by sending a small text file with data (the cookie) to your computer the first time you visit the website as an identifier to remember you by. The next time you visit the website, the website will recognize you through your browser. Cookies like this are how, for example, links on a website that you already clicked on maybe be colored differently (indicating you’ve clicked the link in the past), or keep you logged on, or, when you are shopping, to remember your “recently viewed” items.

Certain cookies can recognize your computer both when you log on to a particular website, but also when your computer visits certain other websites. The cookies that we set for our Site are “first party cookies,” and the cookies that other parties use through are “third-party cookies.” Third party cookies are cookies used by third party service providers (specifically Google Analytics and Hubspot) that we engage to help us with analytics and research services. You can visit their cookie policies to understand how their use of cookies may affect you.

2. Why do we use cookies?

Certain cookies that we use are necessary to ensure all components of our Site work properly. These are essential and performance cookies.

We use other cookies to see our Site users’ interests and preferences, and so that we can make your experience more pleasant and customized to your interests and needs.

In certain cases, cookies also provide us with information that helps us improve our Subscription Services or lets us know where we should focus our attention with respect to our offerings (i.e. if certain Site visitors peruse or are most interested in a certain solution, we understand that’s the product certain potential customers might find the most useful).

We also utilize certain third party services (specifically, Google Analytics and Hubspot) that use cookies to collect information to help us generally understand how our Site is being used and/or how effective our marketing campaigns are.

3. Exactly what cookies do we use?

We use a number of cookies to operate our website and for our research and analytics purposes:

  • Essential cookies: as noted above, these cookies are required for the basic operations of our Site and its features.
  • Functional cookies: these cookies make our Site perform better, and while our Site will still largely function without them, the functionality won’t be optimal, and certain aspects or features of the Site may not work.
  • Analytics and customization cookies: these cookies collect information used in aggregate form to help us understand user interaction with our Site. For example, useful information we derive from these cookies include: which pages are visited most, for how long, or, conversely, which pages/products/services users are not so interested in. This category also includes third-party cookies that help us understand how our Site is being used and how effective our marketing campaigns are.

4. Where do the cookies come from and where is the information stored?

Any communication of cookie data between your device and our servers occurs within a secure environment. Our cookies and the information retrieved by our cookies are stored at our secured hosting locations, the locations of which depend on the region in which you are visiting our Site. For example, if you are visiting our Site from the EU, the cookies are stored in the EU and comply with all applicable EU privacy and data protection laws (see our Privacy Policy for more information).

Our cookies stay on your browser for 360 days.

For more information on third-party cookies, please see the Google Analytics cookie policy, and the Hubspot cookie policy.

5. What are my options when it comes to controlling cookies?

There are a number of ways that you can accept or reject cookies.

You can control what cookies have access to your browser, if any, by setting your web browser controls to accept or reject cookies. Please note that if you reject cookies, your enjoyment of certain websites or pages may be impeded (because, as noted above, some cookies are essential to the delivery of websites). The ways that you do this will differ depending on your browser, so please refer to your browser’s help menu for more details.

When it comes to our Site, we do not allow you to manually opt-out of our essential cookies, but all other cookies are added only based on user consent, so any analytics cookies are added only if you permit us to the first time we ask you (typically via a pop-up window the first time you visit our Site).