Samespace Analytics: Smart decisions from great Insights

Samespace Analytics: Smart decisions from great Insights

Aanya Khanna

Samespace Analytics: Smart decisions from great Insights

As the number of customer engagement channels has grown so has contact center data volume, leaving companies with pieces of useful information which when joined like a puzzle could provide invaluable and actionable insights on the entire customer journey. With Samespace Insights, you can not only measure standard contact center metrics but also get too granular details on each metric, gaining a 360-degree view of your customer’s journey in just seconds.

Highly customizable, super simple to use, it’s never been easier for you to monitor your team’s growth and productivity with nuanced insights right at your fingertips. With Samespace Insights you can monitor and review performance and be able to easily find patterns and make educated business decisions. Everything is designed keeping your needs in mind.

Here are a few highlights of Samespace Insights. With Samespace Insights you can:

Drill into detail with personalized dashboards and pre-defined reports

Samespace Insights' clean new look puts the focus on what’s most important, so you can start digging into your data right away. While the default Dashboard may suffice, the real usefulness of Dashboards lies in your ability to create and customize them the way you want. Our highly customizable and intuitive dashboard follows the same design philosophy as our Studio. All you have to do is just drag any widget from our Insights sideboard over to your personal dashboard, crafting a display that’s unique to your needs.

View real-time and historical metrics and get a nuanced look into trends across all of the data, giving you an overview of the dimensions and metrics you care about most. But that does not mean the absence of details. Samespace Insights have the ability to get as deep in information, allowing you to leverage detailed agent reports, surface through each agent's performance, and extract data to an Excel or CSV file.

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Seamlessly present and share data with co-workers

Share data and reports with users that are inside your space id either by adding them directly or by sharing a link. Begin collaborating with your coworkers with our easy sharing options of reports and dashboards. Finally, view dashboards and reports in our presentation mode with data being refreshed every minute, presenting accurate and detailed performance information.

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And Finally- Bring Your Own Data

Samespace Insights is built on an open model which allows integration with your contact center platform and analyzes your business data in one place. Use Samespace Insights to visualize data across platforms, displaying your entire call center operations at a glance.