How Virtual Agents Transform Customer Experience?

How Virtual Agents Transform Customer Experience?

Manonmayi M

How Virtual Agents Transform Customer Experience?

Customer experience (CX) has proved to be a strong factor for a successful business. Due to positive experiences, customers tend to recommend your products to friends and families, which increases your brand visibility and customer loyalty.

So, let’s talk about how Virtual Agents can help your business deliver such an experience. Most often, managing numerous questions and requests can take up a lot of human agents’ time and energy. But Virtual Agents can automate them along with collecting valuable information to serve better in the future. Thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), Virtual Agents can understand the intent and context of customers and provide appropriate answers with the help of the data collected.

24/7 availability

The fact that Virtual Agents are accessible round-the-clock, every day of the week, is one of the biggest advantages. So, when some of the customers’ questions are repetitive and mundane, there is no need for a human agent’s intervention. Virtual Agents can assist you with frequent problems and avoid queues and long waiting periods.

Automation takeover

Speaking of frequent problems and avoiding queues, customers reach out expecting fast resolution. In such situations, self-service options such as chatbots and voicebots play a significant role. That’s because they have the knowledge base and customer history that helps to deliver better and quicker service. Now, this proves why Virtual Agents have taken precedence over live agents.

Live agent hand-off

We have established that not all problems and challenges can be solved by AI. A live agent is required to handle complex issues that voicebots or chatbots may not understand well. But here is the good news - Virtual Agents are smart to know when to get help from humans.

To deliver a seamless experience, you can ensure that if a customer wants to speak with a human agent, the Virtual Agent passes the customer’s calls or chats along with relevant information to them.

Continuous interactions

Customers may want to interact with your company anywhere and at any time of the day. They expect an immediate response, as mentioned earlier. Your company needs to be equipped to provide constant support whether it’s over a call or chat.

Some customers may hesitate to speak over the phone. So, it’s an advantage if your company provides customer support and communication through any medium, which results in a positive experience.

How can Samespace help?

Samespace chatbots can serve different channels such as Messenger, Telegram, etc. So, now your company is available whenever and wherever help is needed. AI Virtual Agents are a great way to keep your customers satisfied and ensure their requests are taken care of. This way you can retain them and even increase the numbers as your existing customers talk about your company with their circle of network.