Enhance agent productivity with Samespace Native CTI within Salesforce

Enhance agent productivity with Samespace Native CTI within Salesforce

Aanya Khanna

Enhance agent productivity with Samespace Native CTI within Salesforce

No matter how many emails a sales representative sends or how easy and intuitive their conversational AI bots are, ultimately, it is voice and real-time conversation that does the trick of closing a deal. This is because in high value conversations, prospects are seeking human connection. And to make this possible, often sales reps spend a lot of their time manually tracking and dialing leads, which ends up becoming a costly affair.

Samespace taps into the full power of Salesforce, using Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). By natively integrating with Salesforce, Samespace ensures that your call flows are streamlined and the productivity of your sales team doubles.

Make and receive calls directly from Salesforce

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With advanced call controls in the browser, Samespace CTI permits agents to make and receive calls, get on conference calls, transfer or mute calls, all within Salesforce. The click-to-dial feature enables sales reps to simply click on a number and dial it directly from the browser, changing the face of outbound sales calls. Samespace Salesforce CTI automatically logs conversations and takes call notes, drastically reducing after-call work (ACW) time.

Get caller information prior to answering a call

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With native Salesforce-CTI Integration, save the hassle of toggling between two systems and enable your salespeople to access prospect information and previous interaction, allowing them to make informed decisions and reduce handling time while enhancing agent productivity.

Reps can view the prospect’s information in Salesforce while conversing with them over the phone with the help of automated “screen pop”. This frictionless access of Salesforce allows data to be stored in a single, centralized view with just a few clicks away. Save time and eliminate customer frustration by automatically authenticating the caller by comparing the caller information in Salesforce.

All your data in a unified dashboard

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Gain powerful insights into your calls by accessing all your call data (i.e., lead information, support tickets, cases, history, call recordings, call transcripts, call metrics, etc.) in one unified dashboard.

Intelligent call routing

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Intelligently route inbound calls to the right agent based indifferent properties including the lead owner, source, region, job title, etc right from Salesforce. CTI integrates the company’s telephony, ACD, IVR, and skills-based routing with the database and business tools, permitting the efficient routing of calls. Not only customers' expectations are fulfilled but their first contact resolution is also optimized. This is huge for call centers.

Call monitoring and coaching

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Monitor and coach agents in real-time right within Salesforce to gain a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the team and make data-driven decisions. This allows managers to coach agents in real-time which ultimately translates into higher customer satisfaction ratings and improved employee performance.

Experience the full force of Salesforce with Samespace

Integrate your contact center with Salesforce using Samespace CTI. Enhance productivity and benefit from a wide range of features that were impossible with traditional PBX systems. Open doors to a more flexible and scalable way of operating a contact center. Read how Samespace’s Studio with native Salesforce CTI enabled Endurance International to achieve a 65% faster ASA. Arm your sales team with tools that double their productivity and streamline their call flows with Samespace.