Dynamic IVR, smart automation for customer interactions

Dynamic IVR, smart automation for customer interactions

Aanya Khanna

Dynamic IVR, smart automation for customer interactions

While we all know that live chat is becoming a preferred way to communicate, the majority of the customers still utilize telephones to engage with brands. Leaving us to the fact that the very first point of your customer’s phone interaction is your IVR. Many of us link IVRs as a point of friction, mainly because of the introductory voice prompts that are repeatedly played and the hierarchy of the menus which are inconsistent with the needs of your customers. With today’s customers being extremely technologically savvy, old touch-tone and dialog-based IVRs with complex menu trees are no longer an option.

Think about it this way, how many of us have tried to get in touch with customer service at an airline or a retail outlet, only to be led nowhere with their static IVRs? Now imagine, implementing an IVR system that is intuitive, intelligent, and reactive to your customers' needs.

A dynamic IVR changes the call flow and the menus in real-time based on the context gathered by the customer’s explicit and implicit actions using speech recognition, creating an optimal and personalized user experience that fits within their customer journey. Instead of punching numbers and going through complex tree menus, the caller can interact with the support naturally. From recognizing your customer by name to understanding the tone of their voice, smart IVRs personalize the call flow according to the perspectives and goals of the customer - and basically do it all.

With a dynamic AI-driven IVR, provide intelligent responses to customer queries and analyze text and determine intent during a live call using natural language understanding. Reduce customer frustration, allow callers to respond and navigate through a menu using voice commands. Leverage AI, NLU and sentiment analysis to enable the IVR to continuously learn and evolve, establishing the intent of the caller accurately and personalizing the call flow accordingly. By processing speech as input and answering queries in human-like language, Dynamic IVRs can cater to the rising expectations of the customers.

Benefits of a Dynamic IVR

Steer user to the right flow

Remove complex call center navigation by routing the user to the right flow. Allow callers to converse naturally without having to navigate long and complicated audio menus. Through NLP and speech recognition, smart IVR detects the needs of the customers by understanding the nuance, tone, and intent behind the questions of the customer, directing them to the right flow, or handing them off to the right agent.

Reduce operational costs by using an automation-first strategy

Voice automation reduces the number of agents required to handle calls, thus decreasing the costs associated with the manpower. Scale your teams with virtual agents as automation leads to unlimited volume handling. Provide interactive self-service options to your callers with the help of Voice bots. Boost engagement, provide accurate and swift resolution by providing an inclusive experience for the caller. Free agent’s time to handle complex calls, thereby improving efficiency.

Resolution of customer queries is in the fast lane

One of the most frustrating and demotivating factors in making phone calls is jumping into the IVR abyss. Dynamic IVRs can share authentications and context directly or through integrated solutions and react in real-time to eliminate the need for customers to re-authenticate themselves.

Build a Dynamic IVR with Samespace Studio


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With Samespace Studio, companies can build a smart IVR in just minutes. Our Studio is tied with intelligent routing and conversational AI enabling seamless assignment of tasks to virtual agents and handoffs whenever needed. Whether A/B testing call flows and measuring changes in handle time or CSAT, Samespace Studio can help you with all your needs.

Build dynamic workflows, enable routing logic, and much more with our drag and drop Conversational Studio, and the best part is that no coding is required. With easy integration with any third party contact center technology, including Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, and more, Samespace Studio simplifies the way you can design your inbound conversation flows across voice and messaging.