A Superior Sales Team

Samespace makes your sales team super productive. They’ll handle double the calls with our automation and streamlined workflows.

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No More Tab Switching

Our Salesforce app is native, so that means everything you need is right inside Salesforce. Less tabs and click-hunting for your reps means their work gets done faster and easier.

Connect Prospects to the Right Reps the First Time. Every Time.

Our dynamic routing directs leads based on anything you know about the caller, including lead source, campaign, past interaction history, and more.

Streamline Your Call Flow

Let your agents focus on what’s important: talking to more prospects. Let Samespace handle the rest.

Get Your Reps the Help They Need, When They Need It.

Using our live monitoring and coaching, you’ll see what each rep is up to so you can monitor their activity and assist your team when needed, even during live calls.

AI-Powered Analytics

Use AI-powered Sentiment Analysis to better understand your customer and make impactful, informed decisions.

"The first thing that differentiated Samespace was that they matched solutions to our complex needs. The delivery team ensured our needs were met, and now our sales & customer service teams have a solid CTI solution integrated within Salesforce."

Mukhtadir Syed, AVP - Sales and Customer Success

See our native Salesforce CTI in action.