Help your agents convert.

Equip agents with CTI tools that boost performance, while giving managers insights for continuous improvement.

4 Steps of Samespace
Benefits for your sales team

Higher agent productivity

Your teams make more calls and are better prepared, thanks to CTI integration with your CRM.

Match your sales process 100% with customizable dialing options and AI-enhanced lead flows.

Improve your conversion rate with AI-enhanced real-time coaching tools and trend & sentiment analysis.

Samespace for Salesforce

Better prospect experience

Prospects engage on their terms, with seamless omnichannel capability.

Continuous improvement is easier with powerful insights and simple lead flow updates.

Optionally, prospects can save time and effort when specific steps like qualification are led by a more efficient AI agent.

Samespace for Salesforce

Lower cost

Easier dialing and lead display within your CRM means faster agent ramp-up and lower burnout & turnover.

Less agent workload, thanks to unlimited 24/7 AI agents that can handle low-value tasks like qualification and scheduling.

Faster, less expensive deployment and maintenance due to our open, fully-modern architecture.

Samespace AI
Outbound sales story

Higher lead volume and quality

Boombastic, Inc. sells insurance. They have a big lead pool from search and social channels, so their inside sales team focuses on a high daily call quota.

To power that, Boombastic uses Samespace’s unique Salesforce integration with auto dialer. Autodial increases the number of connected calls per agent by 100%, while the integration shows each agent the information she needs for easier preparation.

Quantity, quality, and customizability—you get all three with Samespace.

Higher lead volume, and quality