AI-enhanced sales & support for growing businesses

You’re focusing your cash and attention on growth. We understand. See how Samespace gives you cutting-edge Contact Center tech more cost-effectively than our competition.

Samespace for Midsize business

90% faster deployment... by design

Growing businesses need to move fast. Yet software deployments can be complex, costly, and slow.

Samespace is different. We deployed 90% faster in a recent customer test against a competitor. That’s because we have better CRM integration techniques and more intuitive drag & drop conversation flows via Conversation Studio. We’re simply easier to deploy and use.

Samespace Deployment

Enterprise-grade analytics included

Many of our fast-growing customers don’t have a company-wide BI or analytics solution. They use our powerful, flexible analytics tool to bring your own data. You get, for no additional cost, a beautiful tool to visualize data that’s important to your growing business.

Samespace Analytics

We move as fast as you do.

We’re built to be so intuitive that users don’t need training. That means you can enhance your Contact Center with a lower investment.

And we continually innovate because we’re 100% focused on making your Contact Centers more productive and effective at a lower cost.

Samespace Analytics
We needed a chatbot that was capable of booking appointments and was easy to use & implement. Samespace delivered a fully working bot built to our requirements in less than a week. We are also able to manage the Bot, so it's easy when we need to make changes.
James Russell
James Russell
Founder, TradieVA