Unify your Contact Center tools.

Say goodbye to frustrating point solutions. We offer it all, bolted seamlessly to your CRM.

Samespace for Enterprise

Enterprise-grade security, reliability, and compliance

GDPR and SOC 2 compliance

Enterprise-grade application security

On-premises option for compliance and data sovereignty

Samespace resilient data centers for maximum uptime

Samespace Security

We’re a stable long-term partner.

AI-powered Contact Center companies are sprouting up everywhere. We’re one of the few that’s cash flow positive, has deep industry expertise, and is passionate about continuous innovation, not raising the next round of capital.

15+ years
in global communications
10+ billion
conversations connected

24x7 real-time support

Our global team means we’re on the same schedule as your Contact Centers, no matter where they are.

Samespace for Enterprise

Easier integration means 90% faster deployment

Samespace Integrations

HCL, a customer with over 150,000 employees globally, implemented Samespace alongside a legacy provider to test deployment time. We deployed 90% faster.

That’s because we have no legacy architecture, our tech stack integration was designed to be rapid, and our Conversation Studio makes flows easier to build than anyone else.

The first thing that differentiated Samespace from other vendors was the onboarding experience. Right from the first interaction with the initial presentation, the sales manager was very knowledgeable in matching solutions to our complex needs. Post-onboarding, the delivery team ensured issues and additional needs identified in the testing phase were duly met. Thanks to the team, all our sales & support teams have a solid CTI solution integrated within Salesforce.
Mukhtadir Syed
Mukhtadir Syed
AVP - Sales and Customer Success