Delight your customers for less.

Our AI-enhanced platform can cut agent workload by 60% while maintaining CSAT. That means quality support costs you less.

Benefits for your support team

Higher agent productivity and CSAT

Live agents get support from AI agents, so they can focus where a human is needed.

Interaction flows match your processes and are more efficient thanks to deep CRM integration and Conversation Studio.

Improve your CSAT and NPS with AI-enhanced real-time coaching tools and trend & sentiment analysis.

Samespace Integrations

Better customer experience

Prospects engage on their terms, with seamless omnichannel capability.

Continuous improvement is easier with powerful insights and simple interaction flow updating.

Optionally, prospects save time and effort when specific steps like qualification are led by a more efficient AI agent.

Samespace Integrations

Lower Cost

Samespace Integrations

Easier dialing and lead display within your CRM means faster agent ramp-up and lower burnout & turnover.

Reduce agent workload by 60% with unlimited 24/7 AI agent to handle tasks like qualification and scheduling.

90% faster deployment and easier training thanks to our open, fully-modern architecture and UI.

Support Story

AI agents don’t mind being interrupted

Rosa’s returning shoes she bought at Footable. She doesn’t want to go to the mall where she purchased, so she calls customer service.

A friendly, efficient AI agent answers and offers help with “Returns”. Rosa answers the natural, conversational questions and likes being able to interrupt the AI agent to answer quicker without feeling bad. She chooses to get an email with a return shipping label.

AI properly executed is how modern businesses efficiently answer customer questions at a cost of nearly zero compared to live agent time.

AI agents don’t mind being interrupted