Enhance your CRM and double your productivity

Streamline your support team’s productivity by automating data entry and their call workflow.

Samespace for Hubspot Support Team
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Put AI to work

Samespace AI agents can offload up to 60 % of tier 1 conversations, so your live agents are open for more valuable conversations.

Instant Information

Samespace CTI provides reps with rich contextual data that helps them serve faster. Inbound and outbound calls trigger a screenpop that provides data about prospects including past calls, notes, conversation info and key insights.

No More Manual Entry

Skip the time wasting busywork and let Samespace's native CTI automatically sync all call data, immediately triggering the next conversation for your agent.

Customer Feedback from Every Call

Know for certain what your customers are thinking with a CSAT survey that collects feedback as soon an agent hangs up.

Optimized Omnichannel Experiences

Connect every channel and platforms your team uses to support customers, no matter where you interact with them. By meeting the customer on their channel of choice, you’re able to curate the best possible experience for that individual, every time.

Stay in Sync with Your Customers

Access crucial data on what your customers are saying during calls, including feedback on your product, as well as mentions of competitors, so you can implement changes to make improvements across the board.

See Samespace’s integration in action.