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The Final Piece of Your CRM Puzzle

Your CRM isn’t complete without Samespace. We seamlessly integrate into any CRM to make your contact center agile and adaptable, expertly enhancing all of your calls.

Samespace CTI integrates with any CRM using custom integration.
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Connect Prospects to the Right Reps the First Time. Every Time.

Our dynamic routing directs inbound leads based on anything you know about the caller, including lead source, campaign, past interaction history, and more.

Intelligent routing directs inbound leads based caller information to the right agent.

Ditch the Time Wasting Tasks

Let your agents focus on what’s important: talking to more prospects. Let Samespace handle the rest.

Agents get into after call work mode instantly to log call notes after finishing the call.

Get Your Reps the Help They Need When They Need It.

Be there for your reps when it counts in real time using our visibility features. And with call recordings saved and stored automatically in your CRM, you can use crucial learning tools to keep your team’s skill set sharp.

Monitor & coah features allow team supervisors to coach agents in real-time.

See What an AI Enhanced Sales Team Can Do

Samespace’s AI powered insights use Speech Recognition to transcribe calls. Our APIs enable you to collate multiple data points into one single source, so your call flow gets smarter, faster.

Speech Recognition transcribes calls and sentiment analysis helps agents understand callers emotions

Customize Your Conversations

What used to take weeks with developers now takes minutes thanks to our easy and intuitive Conversation Studio.

Drag and drog studio takes only minutes to create a personalized conversation flow.
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Samespace' ability to integrate with any CRM is what we liked the most about the product. For us, it took just a couple of hours to integrate to Instaview360 CRM.

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Enhance your CRM, double your productivity.