AI that speaks your language

Third-party API engines are like Siri or Alexa answering your customers without knowing their use cases or your business needs.

We developed our conversational AI stack in-house, with open APIs, to provide more customizable and accurate AI agents.

Samespace CTI

Drag, drop, done

Samespace Conversation Studio lets you create, deploy, and modify AI conversation flows in minutes. Whether for customer support or sales, Studio makes flows visual, intuitive, and fast. No coding needed.

The impact? Because users don’t need as much training and make fewer mistakes, you can improve your conversation flows with less cost and time.

Any channel, any time

Samespace gives you seamless communication across voice, chat, social, text, and email. Your company will come across in one cohesive, efficient conversation.

That means you deliver a better customer and sales experience, improving measures like customer NPS, agent productivity & retention, and sales performance.

AI agents for any contact center solution

Whether you use our Contact Center Suite or your existing solution, Samespace AI agents can offload up to 60 % of tier 1 conversations. So your live agents are open for more valuable conversations.

Samespace AI