Our Conversation Studio is uniquely intuitive and easy to use, reducing training and deployment times to an absolute minimum.

Samespace Studio

Cutting Edge Customer Experience with IVR

IVRs are a crucial part of the customer experience. Samespace Studio gives you a powerful platform to build dynamic IVRs that respond intelligently to customer inputs using AI and flexible APIs.

One Studio: So. Many. Channels.

Samespace Studio allows you to create more meaningful customer interactions on the platforms they use most frequently.

Take Your Cues from Your Customers

Detailed Insights

Get detailed insights by simply looking into step by step customer journey.

The Platform Developers Love Too

Extend Studio functionality with advanced business logic using custom functions and webhooks.

"The first thing that differentiated Samespace was that they matched solutions to our complex needs. The delivery team ensured our needs were met."

Mukhtadir Syed, AVP - Sales and Customer Success

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IVR Journey