Better Insights with Meticulous Metrics.

Get the dashboards and comprehensive measurements you need to improve your conversations with prospects and customers.

Samespace Dashboard

Powerful Insights

Stop struggling to find data. With Samespace, the data finds you! Our powerful and simple analytics module shows AHT, ASA, sentiment, abandon rate, and more, all in one distinct display.

Easily view, filter, save and export in seconds, so you can turn your insights into actions sooner.

AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

We humans don’t just speak thoughts; we speak feelings. Samespace’s AI-powered sentiment analysis decodes the raw data of emotion to crucially supplement your NPS and CSAT tracking.

We help you stay in tune with your customer base by recognizing words, phrases, and tones that shed light on the ever evolving trends of your products, brand, and competition, and the feelings that move them.

Bring your own data

Our analytics tool is suped up enough to be your single visualization engine. That’s by design. Many of our midsize customers use Samespace to visualize data across platforms, displaying their entire call center operations at a glance.

If you have your own BI or visualization software, you can easily send Samespace data to the tool of your choice.

Turn insights into action and action into results.