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Urban Company uses Samespace to level up customer experience and drive 50% increase in efficiency.

Urban Company uses Samespace to level up customer experience and drive 50% increase in efficiency.

Consumer service

Use case

Customer Support

Urban Company, an international home service company with over 5 million customers across 4 countries, needed a cloud contact center solution which can support a distributed international process. They found that in Samespace, and were very impressed with the results.


To live up to its mission of empowering millions of service professionals by delivering services at-home in a way that has never been experienced before, it needed to stay ahead of the curve on customer experience.

As a growing startup, Urban Company was looking for a flexible and scalable solution allowing them to meet their changing requirements. They were not just looking for a solution, but were looking for a right partner.

"I am not sugar coating this, but the turnaround time of Samespace' service is amazing, I launched my operations in a new country (Australia) in less than 3 days, thats including implementation, testing and go-live.”

Their favorite part about Samespace is its ability to seamlessly integrate with any CRM. They found it married perfectly to their Instaview360 CRM and took only a short time to set up.

"Samespace' ability to integrate with any CRM is what we liked the most about the product. For us, it took just a couple of hours to integrate to Instaview360 CRM."
- CV Sai
AVP, Urban Company

And Samespace’s affordable rates make it ideal for fast-growing businesses like Urban Company. Moreover, according to them, “The OPEX model is a win win for both the parties.”


Since implementing Samespace, Urban Company’s up times are great, at more than 99.99%.

UC found Samespace’s user friendly interface provides a “seamless experience,” which contributes to the overall efficiency of their operations.

"Compared to other products in the market Samespace is about 50% more efficient, and this has led to the increase in productivity."
- CV Sai
AVP, Urban Company