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Samespace Smart Auto Dialer with native Salesforce integration boosted Simplilearn’s productivity by 30%.

Samespace Smart Auto Dialer with native Salesforce integration boosted Simplilearn’s productivity by 30%.


Use case



Samespace Autodialer

Amongst the very first customers of Samespace, Simplilearn is the world’s leading Edutech and an online certification course provider and has enjoyed years of excellent service and benefits with Samespace.


Simplilearn has been growing at a steady rate but as they were growing their sales team needed to scale. From 200 people, they grew to a team of 500-1000 people in each function, sales being the largest function of all. Hence, Simplilearn found themselves in need of a dialing solution to handle their sales processes, help them dial effortlessly and capture their productivity.

While Manual dialing appears to be sufficiently straightforward, it was the least efficient method of approaching sales for Simplilearn. With manual dialing, their agents would invest the vast majority of their energy in tedious tasks of discovering, dialing, and re-dialing leads. As it's agent-driven it leads to various call constraints like misdialing, excessive wait time and call drops, affecting their operational efficiency. Hence, Simplilearn needed a dialer solution that would integrate seamlessly with Salesforce.

Automating the dialing process ensures that agents are only connected to calls where there is a live contact on the line, as autodialers can detect the busy signals, voicemails and non-serviceable numbers, increasing the call connect ratio remarkably.


Samespace built an end-to-end Dialer-CRM setup with native integration in Salesforce, helping them drive the right set of outcomes and easily collate all their data points into one spot.

Here’s how it works - Samespace dialer helps Simplilearn churn leads from a huge list of inactive leads, enabling them to run this whole process automatically in their Salesforce CRM with just a click of a button. The manager can choose the list of the leads and the dialer starts dialing it. It is that simple. No agent is seen wasting time manually dialing these leads, automatically enhancing their productivity. Samespace Autodialer provides a quick snapshot of the customer's contact details before dialing the call, giving prior caller information at the agent’s disposal.

Apart from this, one of the prime reasons to choose Samespace was the willingness and agility of the team to develop and customize according to their requirements.

"Since the beginning of partnering with Samespace as our vendor to now after almost 3 years, Samespace has built so many customized features for us. It is commendable how Samespace is a partner who is willing to customize features and build deep integrations into the customer's system"
- Ajay Baidya, Associate Director

Similarly, "Samespace was quick to respond to the COVID situation and helped us transition from an in-office environment to work from home setup in just a few days.”

But this flexibility not only helps with changing work environments, but it’s also ideal for scaling: "As an organization, we have scaled a lot in the last 3 years and Samespace has had no issues adjusting to it.”


A natively built-in CRM Samespace dialer allows Simplilearn to create a more streamlined sales workflow, removing friction. Data is more accurately captured in their CRM, leading to more meaningful insights, and faster organizational learning for their sales team.

"All of the data points are pushed to Salesforce, and real-time view of the data points combined with the historical data points using Samespace Insights helps us keep track of the entire operations."
- Ajay Baidya, Associate Director

“Since deployment, Samespace has increased our capacity to dial the leads. We have seen dials per agent go up by 1.5x and productivity has increased by 30%. Samespace is a great partner. They make sure to understand your business needs and are as agile to help you as you are with your new processes'' - Ajay Baidya, Associate Director, Simplilearn.