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Medilink jumped its QA rate to an impressive 94% with Samespace.

Medilink jumped its QA rate to an impressive 94% with Samespace

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Medilink Network Inc. is a leading healthcare IT platform in the Philippines committed to more efficient, accessible, and affordable healthcare. It connects over two million insured members, healthcare providers, and service payors in a single integrated network.

Hospitals never rest, which means MediLink’s 24x7 support team is essential. It handles critical inbound and outbound conversations like admissions, discharge, LOA approvals, and benefit coverage verification. With hospital employees demanding high efficiency and speed, Medilink needed a better solution to support its agents working remotely. “Without seeing them physically,” Business Operations Manager Rosemarie Carpio-Dagasdas explains, “it was a challenge to monitor the team.”

Old-fashioned reporting didn’t help: Setting up reports required involving technical teams, and the reports went out via email only, with no ability to dive deeper into the data.

Because of its focus on visibility and data-driven agent improvement, Medilink looked for a telephony solution with specific strengths: Central visibility into each agent’s performance in simple reports and dashboards...without involving a technical team The ability to show agents their real-time performance Powerful real-time monitoring and coaching tools

"Without seeing them physically, it was a challenge to monitor and coach the team."
- Rosemarie Carpio


Simple cloud-based CTI with robust analytics & coaching

MediLink deployed a cloud-based instance of the Samespace Contact Center platform. There were minimal infrastructure needs, and agents simply installed the Samespace Chrome extension that uses open-source WebRTC. The existing MediLink support IVR, a simple routing mechanism, was working well so MediLink easily linked to it from Samespace.

Visibility and reporting are big steps up from the status quo. The MediLink team and its contact center partner have set up dashboards and reports on their own, without needing technical assistance. Says Carpio-Dagasdas, “With Samespace, we can easily extract the reports and see more details on the calls that we received.” Agents also now see real-time metrics like their number of calls, AHT, ACW, and more--directly from the Samespace dock in Chrome.

Contact Center leadership can now use live monitoring and coaching to identify where agents need support, gather information to create the right approach and solution, then provide coaching in context. It’s more effective to help an agent as they’re on a call, rather than more abstractly after they’ve disconnected.

"With Samespace, we can easily extract the reports and see more details on the calls that we received."
- Rosemarie Carpio


An already high QA rate jumps

The metrics headliner of the deployment is the QA rate--the percentage of calls deemed high quality. It was 90.8% - already high - but after the Samespace deployment it’s jumped to an impressive 94%. That’s a clear indication that MediLink’s customers and partners are getting even better phone support. And that MediLink agents are performing better than ever.

John Paul Jimenez, the Contact Center Coordinator, attributes the improvement to two things: Better agent training thanks to powerful real-time monitoring and coaching tools What he calls the “one app, one tap” simplicity of Samespace that reduces agent errors and frustration

More qualitatively, MediLink support agents say they’ve been able to improve because they can see their real-time performance. Combined with monthly comparisons to their team, the information lets them take pride in what they’re doing well and work on where they lag--all at a much faster pace than waiting for weekly or monthly reports.

And MediLink support leadership now has better information to make decisions about support strategy, from where to put resources to what investments are working or not. That’s a much more comfortable position, given the criticality of 24x7 phone support when every conversation ties back to someone’s health.

"A simpler tool for agents: one app, one tap"
- Rosemarie Carpio