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Samespace’s Studio with native Salesforce CTI allowed Endurance to achieve 65% faster ASA.

Samespace’s Studio with native Salesforce CTI allowed Endurance to achieve 65% faster ASA.

Digital Tools for SMB Growth

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Customer Support with Salesforce CTI

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Endurance International Group (EIG) is a family of global brands that provide industry-leading digital tools to help small businesses grow. From to Constant Contact to bluehost, EIG makes it easier to build a Web presence, optimize for searchability, and connect with customers through social, email, and other channels.

EIG decided to roll out Salesforce as its new CRM platform, which prompted a critical question: Which telephony solution would best complement that substantial investment? The challenge was finding contact center software that would:

  • Integrate tightly with Salesforce
  • Allow Endurance International Group to self-configure and measure success without an expensive third party
  • Deploy with minimal disruption.
"We needed a telephony solution that leveraged our substantial Salesforce investment"
- Mukhtadir Syed
AVP - Sales and Customer Success


Drag & drop IVR, with native Salesforce CTI

EIG chose Samespace due to powerful native Salesforce CTI, easy configurability, and enhanced analytics.

"Studio is an amazing feature that allows us to build the IVR on the fly."
- Mukhtadir Syed
AVP - Sales and Customer Success

Starting with 50 users across account management, billing, technical support, and new business, EIG has since expanded to 200 users. Agents handle inbound customer support calls from within Salesforce, with Samespace passing essential data seamlessly into the CRM for central reporting.

Setup was easy, with drag & drop IVR flow creation. Samespace Studio makes creating or changing flows as simple as arranging an intuitively visual flow.


A higher-performing support team

Nimish Prabhu, Senior Manager of Technical Operations at EIG, explains that he’s seen two types of benefits.

First, the operations team appreciates the easy configurability, IVR setup & tweaking, and visibility into agent performance. It takes less time to set up and change IVR flows, which means more time spent on the thinking behind the changes.

Second, support agents on the front lines value having a single telephony tool within Salesforce that provides a real-time view into their call stats. The metrics tell a story of more efficient call handling and less frustration for customers after the switch to Samespace:

  • 35% lower abandoned calls (ACR)
  • 65% faster average speed of answer (ASA)
"A solid CTI solution integrated within Salesforce."
- Mukhtadir Syed
AVP - Sales and Customer Success