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Discover how Avis India achieved higher productivity by utilizing Samespace.

Avis India increased their productivity by integrating their Instaview360 CRM with Samespace’s Drag and Drop IVR.

Car Rental and Leasing

Use case

Customer Support & Sales with Native CTI

"About the entire experience with Samespace, one word comes to my mind: Excellent."
- Urooj
IT Head, Avis

Avis India, the leading car rental and leasing company in India with a nationwide network of 49 offices in 19 cities, was not happy with their combination CRM/CTI solution and wanted out. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with any CRM, as well as provide much better support than their current software, and that’s exactly what they found in Samespace.

"Samespace was the best match solution"
- Urooj
IT Head, Avis


Avis India decided to go with Instaview360 as their CRM and had no trouble integrating Samespace into the new system.

“All of the contact center related data points are pushed to the CRM automatically. The way Samespace marries to CRMs is beautiful.

They found Samespace to be a powerful tool for both their Sales and Support Teams, using it for both inbound and outbound calls.

Most notably, they benefited from Samespace’s ability to gather multiple data points and systems into one place.

"The best part of Samespace is that everything resides within the browser, both the softphone and management interface. There is no need to install software on each computer, which means it is OS independent and there is virtually no maintenance required.


Avis India’s teams found Samespace’s Drag and Drop IVR like “a breeze.” Creating IVR is fun and simple with easy to use drag and drop features, and it hardly takes a couple of minutes to create and make an IVR go live.


Avis India saw their productivity to “certainly” improve with Samespace. And even better, getting the new CTI up and running was quick and easy.

“Onboarding was seamless. Even Integration was hassle free. Every milestone was completed on or before time.”

And what about the improved support they were seeking?

“Turn around time is quick. We always get prompt responses to all of the issues or queries we raise. We are really happy with the way Samespace has been supporting us.