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More employee engagement and awareness, less time-wasting tasks

More employee engagement and awareness, less time-wasting tasks

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At a Big Four global services company, the business transformation HR team needed a better way to get key messages to all their coworkers. They were communicating via a minimally-interactive intranet microsite, with mixed results. Metrics including employee engagement and awareness were falling short of their targets.

When COVID-19 hit, the team accelerated their plans. The stakes were now even higher to deploy an effective solution to inform employees about COVID-related workplace rules, HR policies, mental health, and employee benefits. They needed an engaging communication tool that would:

  • deploy quickly--ideally within days,
  • require minimal training and follow the company’s “low code/no code” mantra for this type of tool,
  • continually improve, and
  • offer high ROI and a good value.


HR leadership saw a highly interactive, engaging chatbot that another internal team was using for COVID back-to-work guidance. They learned it was powered by Samespace and had been set up in a few days by non-technical staff. It was also easy to teach, with powerful AI features. That was exactly what they were looking for.

The business transformation team engaged Samespace, and in less than a week they’d built their own AI-enhanced chatbot. Samespace provided the tools and guidance, including a drag & drop Conversation Studio as well as best practices to inform the flow. Samespace also helped easily integrate the chatbot with Google Sites.


The positive response was immediate. HR leaders on the business transformation team have seen:

  • an increase in employee engagement and awareness,
  • more than 2,000 users in the first few weeks, and
  • a decrease in time spent answering repetitive inquiries.

The big win to emphasize here is that the HR team can now better inform and engage employees, while spending less time doing so. They said they “would have loved this months ago” because it allows them to focus on more complex, demanding projects to further improve the employee experience.

On the employee side, feedback includes:

  • praise for the enjoyable and engaging interactive flow,
  • satisfaction with how easy it is to find essential information, and
  • top marks for the ability to rapidly self-serve 24/7/365.