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Deliver unparalleled customer experience with Native Samespace CTI for Hubspot

Aanya Khanna

Aanya Khanna

Samespace CTI docks right inside Hubspot

With an intuitive interface and a modern design, Samespace offers native integration with HubSpot - which is easy and fast to set up, enabling your entire team to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity, and track customers through the whole customer journey: from sales to support and success.

With Samespace Hubspot CTI, streamline and centralize communications to support the disparate and remote support teams. Combine Hubspot’s CRM with Samespace CTI to witness a glimpse of a start-to-finish sales and support platform.

Back your agents with Conversation Intelligence

Make and receive calls directly from Salesforce

Whether or not customers realize it but by the time a customer says “hello”, the contact center rep already has a fair amount of information on them. That’s the power of Samespace CTI. It lies in pushing high-value, real-time data to agents engaged in interactions with customers.

Aid call center agents with contextual information even before the conversation begins, allowing them to save time and dive into the core issue immediately. Empower your support and sales team with Conversation Intelligence by providing contextual data on the customer. Pull previous call notes and history related to previous interactions within Hubspot without switching to different tabs. If the call is from a new number, you can also associate it with an existing record or create a new one.

Intelligently route calls to the right agent

Make and receive calls directly from Salesforce

With Samespace CTI, route calls according to priority, conditions or rules defined by the CRM data. All your call data becomes readily available within HubSpot for native reporting and workflow triggers.

Run highly targeted and personalized workflows

Perfectly automate follow-up emails and post-call tasks by building automated HubSpot workflows based on call information logged onto custom contact properties. Build efficiencies into standard call center activity and allow sales representatives to make periodic follow up calls by integrating Samespace Smart Auto Dialer in Hubspot, no wasted time manually dialing, misdialing, or redialing numbers.

A single dashboard with advanced controls

Make and receive calls directly from Salesforce

Samespace CTI automatically creates tasks in Hubspot and for each call type. They can seamlessly record and listen to calls to coach agents. Also, filtering the available call center metrics to find patterns has never been easier.

Wondering how your support and sales team can become even more efficient with HubSpot? Learn how Samespace can help you do just that and even more with Samespace CTI integration for HubSpot.

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