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Listen and coach your agents in real-time with Samespace Pulse

Shreya Verma

Shreya Verma

Monitor and coach agents in real-time from a single screen

In an environment where customer demands are constantly changing, customer service today goes far beyond traditional agent support. Agents often find themselves stumbling through calls and lacking real-time guidance. No matter how many retention strategies and training plans you develop after the call has ended, ultimately, it’s a reactionary step.

With real-time call monitoring and coaching you can act, not just react. Samespace Pulse enables you to monitor in-progress calls and intervene promptly when the conversation is going south. Leverage real-time coaching to not just boost your agent’s confidence but also wow your customers, gain a 360° view of your operations, increase contact-center efficiency, and close leads faster.

Enhance Your Agent Productivity

Agents are the voice of your brand. Turn your agents into seasoned experts and take the guesswork out of their performance with Pulse’s real-time coaching and monitoring. Guide your agents to successfully navigate through the call, streamline their training by taking advantage of real-time monitoring. This in turn will improve issue resolution time and increase customer satisfaction. Hence, increasing agent’s productivity and confidence to handle calls in all environments.

Maintain Efficiency in Remote Environment

Maintain your contact center efficiency in remote environment with real-time monitoring and coaching

One of the impacts of the pandemic on the contact center is reduced efficiency in work from home environments. Take advantage of a cloud based solution—monitor and coach your agents from anywhere—no additional requirements all you need is a laptop and internet connection.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase your CSAT scores with real-time coaching.

Customer satisfaction directly impacts the business revenue. Lower satisfaction levels leads to lower CSAT and retention rates. Hence, it is crucial to put your best foot forward.

Pulse enables you to monitor the average handle time, number of answered calls, % of abandoned calls and coach your agents in real-time on both calls and chats, enabling them to leave your customers satisfied. In turn, increasing your CSAT and NPS scores.

Keep agent’s productivity in check

Monitor your agents statistics in real-time with Samespace Pulse.

Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and remote work environment, it is harder to track agents through historical reports. Check your agent’s statistics like idle time, time away and more in real time, hence, improving agent’s productivity and contact center efficiency.

Improved Service Level

Ultimately, to keep your business growing and scaling you have to meet your KPIs and raise your service level.

With Samespace’s Pulse you can meet and track both qualitative and quantitative metrics: call lengths, number of calls answered, average wait time, abandoned calls and call resolutions. Use this real-time data to analyze which KPIs are not met and identify opportunities to improve service level.

Efficient Management of Resources

Many times there are longer queues and the longer the customers wait the more frustrated they become and it impacts your customer experience. Shorten your queue length and take dynamic decisions with Pulse’s real-time queue monitoring.

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